Saturday, October 15, 2011

10 Random Facts about me!

Thanks to Laurie Dennison at for tagging me in Ten Random Facts! Here are ten random facts about me:

1. Mexican food is my favorite.

2. I lived in Lago de Chapala Mexico for 3 years.

3. I am secretly the geekiest home schooled person you will ever meet starting college at 15 yo.

4. My hubby and I meet at a night club and haven't been apart since!

5. I am an entrepreneur.

6. My family owns a dry cleaners back in El Reno, OK since the early 1900's.

7. I wish I was back in a small town.

8. I have trouble saying NO!

9. I grew up in a church yet didn't truly understand God until recently! He is amazing!!

10. My sorority life taught me what true friends are all about.

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