Friday, August 26, 2011

Heading to Tampa

Oh how I love my children!! But we all need a break right? After an entire summer of these beautiful challenging children I now get to go spend a few days scrapbooking with a dear friend in Tampa. Of course the topic of my pages will be of my special little people.

As I was preparing to go I ran across photos from 2008 of my littlest man Chase. It brought tears to my eyes. He has always had such an amazing smile! What has occured over these past years with him has been so challenging and everyday I wonder what is going on in his little brain. Has he always been this way people ask. We will never have an answer for that. But he looks so normal some people say. Well, he comes from a normal happy and loving family. Maybe he will just grow out of it I hear from others. As if it is a phase that he is going through we could only HOPE. The truth is Eric and I live everyday not knowing what the next will bring with this little man. We rejoice over every attempt to communicate with him and we watch at every moment to see a glimpse of what is in his mind.

So therefore I scrapbook every moment I can of him and my other two kiddos. While I am away please pray for Eric as he gets all three kiddos to himself this weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain Rain don't go away!

Finally the northside of Jax gets rain!! Chase loves water so much he stands in the window seal watching it rain. His little girlfriend is over asking him to come down and play but he won't. Her mom took Chase for 2 hours today so the older kids and I could have a break. It was our first real break from him for the summer and they kept thanking and hugging me. Didn't realize he was making it hard for them this summer. I guess I do ignore them when we are out and about just to make sure I have my eye on little man. I am working on that.

Packing for grandmas house in Niceville(just over the bay from Destin). Hoping to get a few hours of freedom while I am out there or at least have her take the big kids to the water park or something fun to finish off our summer.

Monday, August 8, 2011

14 Days till School!

Well after an entire summer mostly at home we are ready for school. The last week has been rough. Chase has been into just about everything he can find in the house from climbing to dumping to pulling my hair. The lack of routine this summer has taken him for a loop. The last three days he has slept oh maybe a total of 12-14 hours which is not giving mommy a pretty face in the morning.

The older kids are ready for some normal schedule again. We have had to adjust to a new lifestyle after Eric lost his job in May. The kids are taking it much harder than we are. Made me realize they are spoiled! I guess we have always just gone places everyday or spent money all the time. Because the lack of not doing anything or going to buy anything has really worn them down this summer. I myself have a whole new outlook on life. I have started minimizing things from material stuff, volunteering for everything (yes I mean everything) to friends that wear me out.

What will I do when school starts?