Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain Rain don't go away!

Finally the northside of Jax gets rain!! Chase loves water so much he stands in the window seal watching it rain. His little girlfriend is over asking him to come down and play but he won't. Her mom took Chase for 2 hours today so the older kids and I could have a break. It was our first real break from him for the summer and they kept thanking and hugging me. Didn't realize he was making it hard for them this summer. I guess I do ignore them when we are out and about just to make sure I have my eye on little man. I am working on that.

Packing for grandmas house in Niceville(just over the bay from Destin). Hoping to get a few hours of freedom while I am out there or at least have her take the big kids to the water park or something fun to finish off our summer.

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